One of the greatest reasons for the flurried growth of Youtube and other video streaming services is that people just love on-demand television. In fact, most people today hardly ever watch live television. They record it to watch later, or they go online and stream the video whenever they want to watch the show, which makes applications like ProVideoDownloader extremely popular as it allows you to save streaming media to your own PC!

On Demand

Practically everything is shifting towards on-demand television. The only category that seems to be meeting some resistance is sports television. This is still what’s called appointment television. In other words, viewers would rather watch the sports program live than record it to watch later. In addition to that, the shows are still primarily being watched just on the television screen. Mobile devices, however, are becoming more popular, with sports broadcasts being widely available through your mobile carrier and other streaming applications.

Cable television companies are also offering video-on-demand in addition to their traditional TV channel subscriptions and it is proving to be a viable supplementary income stream for them while making customers happy because they can watch their own shows whenever they want at any time.

Internet Competition

There does seem to be a slow shift, however, for viewers to stream the videos to their internet enabled devices. In the United States, there has been a lot of talk recently about the National Football League offering a live broadcast via streaming on Youtube. It has since been put on the back burner, but the idea does indicate that executives are considering this as a viable option now.

Australia and New Zealand have actually done a live broadcast of a rugby game on Youtube. Their match actually drew 22,000 viewers. This was not a huge number, but it was most certainly a positive indication that this could be a viable option. At the very least, it is a less expensive broadcasting option for sports franchises.

Who knows what the future holds for streaming television? Will it completely take over broadcast television? Probably not. As of right now the answer is still a resounding no, but there does seem to be a steady shift towards streaming television. The infrastructure is certainly there, and it does seem like viewers have an appetite for it.

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