By definition, viral videos take the Internet by storm. They move us, they entertain us, but first of all – they tickle our curiosity. So, in case you missed out on the greatest viral videos of 2013 so far, read on.Let’s start the countdown!

5) When legendary football manager announced his retirement, few could imagine what will stem from that. Of course, we’re talking about Sir Alex Ferguson and this crazy Gangnam Style parody video. Bizarre or funny, it’s up to you to decide, but the video sure is… interesting.

4) This list wouldn’t be complete without the “Harlem Shake” meme. The wave of popularity around this silly video meme spread rapidly earlier this year. There are now many Harlem Shake versions out there, so it was difficult to pick only one. For this list, we chose to feature the video that currently has the most views – a Norwegian army edition.

3) It’s hard to resist a prank, and so it is not surprising that one of the top viral videos is Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon’s prank in which a poor car salesman gets the craziest test drive ever. One of the reasons this video became so popular is the fact that it started a discussion: is the prank genuine, or did the salesman act out his terror?

2) If you are a Star Trek fan, the next video will probably be your favourite among this viral lot. Two actors famous for portraying Spock, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, head out to play golf… The rest you have to see for yourself.

1) And, time to reveal our number one! The most popular video of 2013 so far is Dove Real Beauty Sketches. A part of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, this is a wonderful, emotional video. It asks a simple question: is how we see ourselves different from how the others see us? See the moving results in the video, and remember its final message: you are more beautiful than you think.


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