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YouTube and Appointment Television

One of the greatest reasons for the flurried growth of Youtube and other video streaming services is that people just love on-demand television. In fact, most people today hardly ever watch live television. They record it to watch later, or they go online and stream the video whenever they want to watch the show, which makes applications like ProVideoDownloader extremely popular as it allows you to save streaming media to your own PC! On Demand Practically everything is shifting towards on-demand television. The only category that seems to be meeting some resistance is sports television. This is still what’s called appointment television. In other words, viewers would rather watch the sports program live than record it to watch later. In addition to that, the shows are still primarily being watched just on the television screen. Mobile devices, however, are becoming more popular, with sports broadcasts being widely available through your mobile carrier and other streaming applications. Cable television companies are also offering video-on-demand in addition to their traditional TV channel subscriptions and it is proving to be a viable supplementary income stream for them while making customers happy because they can watch their own shows whenever they want at any time. Internet Competition There does seem to be a slow shift, however, for viewers to stream the videos to their internet enabled devices. In the United States, there has been a lot of talk recently about the National Football League offering a live broadcast via streaming on Youtube. It has since been put on the back burner, but the idea does indicate that executives are considering this as a viable option now. Australia and New Zealand have actually done a live broadcast of a rugby game on Youtube. Their match actually drew 22,000 viewers. This was not a huge number, but it was most certainly a positive indication that this could be a viable option. At the very least, it is a less expensive broadcasting option for sports franchises. Who knows what the future holds for streaming television? Will it completely take over broadcast television? Probably not. As of right now the answer is still a resounding no, but there does seem to be a steady shift towards streaming television. The infrastructure is certainly there, and it does seem like viewers have an appetite for it.

Scary Movies Streaming on Netflix

Over the last few years, the popularity of streaming video to the computer or other internet-enabled devices has grown extremely fast. One of the major players in this market is Netflix, which at last check owned about a 63% of the market share in the video streaming category. Now, it should be noted that not every movie is available for streaming. Only a certain few are. Right now one of the more popular categories of movies for streaming is the scary movie category, which is unsurprising considering that Halloween is almost upon us. Here are the movie titles that seem to be streaming the most from Netflix. A funny scene can be found in the second half of the movie where two of the actors are wearing new sports jerseys, this was my favorite part of the movie, these jerseys are actually very famous and are quite expensive.

Scream Trilogy

The Scream movies (especially the first two Scream movies) are very popular for streaming. The movies are classified as slasher films and are directed by Wes Craven. Another popular one is Carrie, which is considered by most film enthusiasts as one of the classics of all time. No one can forget Sissy Spacek’s amazing performance.

Below is the official trailer for the first Scream movie, which originally hit theaters in 1996:

Evil Dead


One of the great things about scary movies is that a lot of the best films are considered low budget films. The Evil Dead is one such low budget film that is a classic American Horror Film available for streaming on Netflix. It was directed by Sam Raimi. Another classic is Rosemary’s Baby. This is an American psychological horror film that was directed by Roman Polanski. This too was created with a relatively low budget.

Editing and Downloading YouTube Videos

Do you like recording and editing videos? With the right tools and a spark of creativity, it can be easy to create interesting, funny or cute videos which you can share with your friends and strangers alike. Maybe sometimes you will be inspired to create a compilation or a remake of a video you’ve just seen. Keep in mind that most of the uploaded videos out there are property of their respective owners. Still, if used properly, YouTube can be an excellent source of material. If you filter the search to show only Creative Commons content, you will discover a large number of reusable videos. You can freely combine your own original content with such videos, or you can use creativity to edit an existing video and upload your own version as a response. Now clearly, to do such editing, you will first need to download the videos you intend to use. While YouTube does not have an option to directly download videos from the website, there are other ways to do this. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend installing a simple and free browser add-on that will enable this option. Pro Video Downloader is easy to install and uninstall, making it a good choice if you want to see how downloading YouTube videos works. Once you have this, your search for inspiring Creative Commons video content can begin! Now, all you need is a video editor of your choice. Here is a list of recommended free video editing software that should help you find the one that is perfect for you. Once you have all the tools, all that’s left is to let your amazing ideas take over. Have fun compiling new videos and don’t forget to upload them to share them with the rest of us! If you ever come across a paid video editing software, make sure the billing system is secured because there are a lot of scams out there. A good article might help you to learn more about secured billing software : https://mytech.reviews/recommended-recurring-billing-softwares/, it might be worth for you to take a look.

Top 5 Viral Videos of 2013 (so far)

By definition, viral videos take the Internet by storm. They move us, they entertain us, but first of all – they tickle our curiosity. So, in case you missed out on the greatest viral videos of 2013 so far, read on.Let’s start the countdown!

5) When legendary football manager announced his retirement, few could imagine what will stem from that. Of course, we’re talking about Sir Alex Ferguson and this crazy Gangnam Style parody video. Bizarre or funny, it’s up to you to decide, but the video sure is… interesting.

4) This list wouldn’t be complete without the “Harlem Shake” meme. The wave of popularity around this silly video meme spread rapidly earlier this year. There are now many Harlem Shake versions out there, so it was difficult to pick only one. For this list, we chose to feature the video that currently has the most views – a Norwegian army edition.

3) It’s hard to resist a prank, and so it is not surprising that one of the top viral videos is Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon’s prank in which a poor car salesman gets the craziest test drive ever. One of the reasons this video became so popular is the fact that it started a discussion: is the prank genuine, or did the salesman act out his terror?

2) If you are a Star Trek fan, the next video will probably be your favourite among this viral lot. Two actors famous for portraying Spock, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, head out to play golf… The rest you have to see for yourself.

Top Funny Cat Videos on YouTube

Whether you want talking cats, surprised cats, dramatic cats or nom-noming cats this lists should tickle your funny bone with ten examples of the finest feline vids on the internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NzgfGhqQ4KQ

Short Documentaries

This weekend check out a selection of excellent short documentary films that we found on highonvideos.com. They all appeared at film festivals like SXSW and Sundance over the last few years.  

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